This Week In The Economy: U.S. Hikes Tariffs On Chinese Goods, China Adds More Support For Businesses, UK GDP Rebounds

Welcome to a regular snapshot-review of U.S. and international economic news that aims to 1) provide a window into the challenges and decisions facing businesses today, 2) determine the direction of economic policy — such as the speed at which central banks decide to raise interest rates, and 3) assess what the impact will be for consumers.

U.S. Ramps Up Tariffs On China Exports As Talks Breakdown

China Takes Additional Step To Boost Bank Lending To Small Businesses, Support Economy

U.S. Banks Report Weaker Demand For Loans From Businesses

U.S. Data Roundup — Job Openings Continue to Outpace Hiring, Stable Price Inflation

UK Economic Growth Rebounds In Q1 Despite Brexit Uncertainty

European Commission Downgrades Outlook For Euro Area 2019 Growth

Founder — SW4 Insights. Public policy junkie and Central Bank Watcher. Recovering journalist and former Senior Director at Hamilton Place Strategies

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