• Mark Dom

    Mark Dom

  • James R Duncan

    James R Duncan

    Former options market maker, author of “The Independent’s Guide,” “Blood Republic,” and host of independentriot.buzzsprout.com (www.amazon.com/dp/b08287mybs)

  • A Recovering Republican

    A Recovering Republican

    A former Republican’s thoughts on our experiment in democracy

  • Buen Ravov

    Buen Ravov

    A theorist, philosopher, critic. http://radicalley.rf.gd/

  • Dave Bhaduri

    Dave Bhaduri

  • Peter Froehlich

    Peter Froehlich

    Publisher, mar-com media pro, and consultant | meta-tribal polymaths | on about strategy & accelerating valuable change | linkedin.com/in/peter2025

  • Patrick Sims

    Patrick Sims

    Founder at LGND.com | Digital Storytelling | Build Products; Launch Ideas | Washington DC

  • Tyler Piteo-Tarpy

    Tyler Piteo-Tarpy

    Essayist, poet, screenwriter, and comer upper of weird ideas. My main focus will be on politics and philosophy but when I get bored, I’ll write something else.

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