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Advancing Your Organization’s Goals Through Public Policy Engagement

Many businesses and organizations routinely treat public policy as an afterthought when crafting their overall strategy — many times focusing on issues that pose an immediate risk to their core business and neglecting opportunities to proactively showcase the value of their product or services to key stakeholders.

There are many opportunities to proactively engage with key audiences; telling your story, promoting your organization and gaining valuable insights to inform important decisions.

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  • Government Agencies: Administration and government agency officials regularly meet with businesses and private sector groups for input into their policy-making process, and to assess the impact of regulations.
  • Trade Groups: Industry associations represent a one-stop shop through which members engage with key Washington D.C. audiences, promote their priorities, and grow their network.
  • Think Tanks: Think tanks and other third party groups frequently impact the direction of public policy. The administration and lawmakers often draw on the expertise of influential academics in drafting legislation and writing rules. Their support or opposition can be a major factor in determining if a proposed regulation survives or not.
  • Media: Washington D.C. is home to many media outlets and trade publications covering politics and various aspects of government policy. Building a relationship with relevant reporters provides opportunities to educate them on your priority issues and insert your message into their coverage.

Written by

Founder — SW4 Insights. Public policy junkie and Central Bank Watcher. Recovering journalist and former Senior Director at Hamilton Place Strategies

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